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    Updates to the COTS Program are on the way! 1) Please be aware that guidelines for the use of oral cholera vaccines (Shanchol) are being revised.  Please monitor the recommendations by the WHO for further details.  In brief, this reformulated low cost vaccine is recommended for areas with a high burden of disease, regions at …

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    Welcome to the Cholera Outbreak Training and Shigellosis Program! This site is the main portal for all things COTS. Explore and enjoy. And, Join us in our global goal of eliminating diarrhoeal disease fatality

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    Welcome to the distance learning course “Emergency Response to Cholera and Shigella Epidemics”. It is also affectionately called the COTS program (cholera outbreak training and shigella program). This course is based on a course held at the ICDDR,B twice a year in Dhaka. It is geared for clinicians or anyone who will be managing a …